Alternative therapy

Thanks for all your kind words. It’s good to know I’m still normal, at least in the infertile land. I’m way beyond the point of feeling normal in the real world. I was feeling better for one night, but now I’m back to fighting back tears. So I’m guessing seeing that baby did not help. Especially when it couldn’t have been more than few weeks old. I want one. I want it now. I’ve quit calculating my due dates based on transfer day many cycles ago, but I’m pretty sure that if the one in the beginning of this year had been succesful I would have had a new baby myself. It is just not fair.

So I’ve started going to zone therapy (scroll down) to increase my chances the next (and last) time. It was horrible. Absoulte torture for two hours. I have seen zone therapists before, but this was something else. She only treated my feet. So that makes one hour per foot. You try it. Start massaging your feet as hard as you can and as you find sore spots, massage those even harder. It really hurts, doesn’t it? And I paid for it. And I’m going back next week. I must really be out of my mind. Or desperate. Or who can even tell the difference anymore? I could not walk properly as I left from the therapy. I still have sore spots on my feet 24 hours later. And I’m going back next week. Yes, I’ve already said that. I must be totally crazy. It has happened. I’m no longer trying to stay sane, I’m insane.


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