Boring day

Well, I did survive my first day of teaching. It could have gone better, but I hope the students got at least something out of it. I sure hope they did. I should have just said no, but they didn’t really ask me if I’d like to teach. So this job still sucks, badly. I should have been giving another day of teaching today, but I’ve lost my voice. Well, not completely, but enough to prevent me from talking for hours! So I’m happy to have a little more time to prepare for this.

And I did not leave my answers at the exam. I had not read enough, so I had no chance of getting a good grade. So it was better to just leave after the first 30 mins and try again the next time. However now I have the feeling that maybe I can do this after all. I just need to study a bit more before I go to another exam!

And I’m starting to feel normal again. Maybe that BFN wasn’t the end of the world after all. I did email the nurse the other day with the bad news (remember, no beta, just pee sticks, so I have to tell them if I’m pg or not). She promised to talk with my doctor and get back to me. So I’m waiting. Most likely my next cycle would be early next year, but we’ll see how it goes!

And sorry, I still can’t think of anything funny to say. I guess I’m just boring. And oh yeah, everyone can comment again. I guess I have to welcome all comments just to get any. I’m just hoping you let me know who you are. You know that nobody really takes your comments seriously if you do not let others know who you are!


4 responses to “Boring day

  1. Ankaisa! I am finally meeting you!It may be me. I am not computer literate but when I have clicked on your name before, I only got the picture of Clay Aiken and never got to your blog so that may be happening with other people clicking on your name.I am sorry your last IVF failed so painfully. It so incredibly sucks.Take care. I’m glad to finally meet you.

  2. Oh, now I know! You have been clicking on the My Web Page -link, haven’t you? It has been pointing to my Clay Aiken site, the link to this blog has been way down in the profile! Well, I’ve changed that. My Web Page now points to this blog.

  3. I bet that has happened to a lot of other people. It could be that I am moron though. I have clicked on your name so many times when you left comments on someones blog but only saw Clay singing.Now it is much easier to find you!!!Take care.

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