Job sucks, so does studying and teaching

How can I find anything funny in reading stuff like this or this? The answer is that I can’t. The exam is on Friday, and I still have only barely touched the subject. Oh great. But at least I get a day off from my job, so it’s not all that bad. Well, that’s the least they can do when forcing me to do this! And have I mentioned that I’m not really sure this is the job I want to be doing? I will most likely try to find another job in the future when the times are better again. And I’m not sure if studying for a higher degree is going to help me in it or not, most likely not.

And I absolutely hate teaching. And that’s what I’m supposed to do tomorrow. Yes, the slides are ready, but I’m not. I’m no teacher. A few years ago I had a job that required me to teach. The worst part of it was that I did not have any say in what I subjects I had to teach. That did not go well. No, it really did not go well. In fact some of the students complained about me to the principal. Only one group of students was actually quite fun to work with, but they were all adults and not some 18 year olds with an attitude.

So yes, I’m afraid of tomorrow. And knowing that my exam is on the next day does not help much. And I really need to find a way to reduce my stress level, now I’m just going from one crisis to another, and I’m getting really tired of it.


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