A totally pointless post

I just came from a party of a workmate who turned 50. He belongs to a sect that believes children are a gift from God and all should be welcomed. So they usually have large families, as birth control is not used. This man has eight kids. Yes, eight. Four girls and four boys, no twins, all born separately. Another workmate’s wife just had baby #9. It is not unusual for members of that sect to have 15 kids.

I don’t know if I even have a point in this post. Maybe it’s just nice to see fertile people who actually want lots of kids and don’t have “accidents”. When growing up I used to think they were odd, as there were other rules in this sect that seemed weird, like they were not allowed to watch TV. We had a girl from such family in our school, and our teachers sometimes let us watch Olympics or other big sports events during the day. This poor girl had to sit in the class all alone knitting or something like that. It felt weird.

But with IF I’ve started to appreciate them more. Of course there are bad apples in every bunch, but most of the ones I know are nice people. They are not forcing their way of thinking to others. And as I said, it is nice to meet people who are not drug addicts with 5 kids whom they are neglecting. Religion does not allow members of this sect any drugs or alcohol.

OK, so now I feel I need to tell another story from the darker side of all this. I have a dear friend, let’s call her M. She has a little sister, let’s call her A. A was dating a boy from a family of this sect, let’s call him S, who had left the sect. A got pregnant and she married S. I did not know anything was wrong until one day I heard that A had taken the baby and left S. It turned out that after the baby was born S had started to act violently when drunk (remember, I told you he had left the sect) and verbally abusive otherwise. A was still in school, but S kept telling him there is no need to finish it, she is going to stay home and take care of the kids. One night S had come home drunk and almost killed A. Luckily she had seen it coming and had asked one of S’s brothers to be with her, so he was able to stop S. And now S’s family thinks A has done something terribly wrong leaving her husband! Yeah, right.

So there are several sides to every story. And if I ever had a point with this post, now I’ve lost it completely!


One response to “A totally pointless post

  1. Its hard to believe thier are still groups that insist you must obey your husband even when violent, drunk and down right nasty. In these sects the woman is always the weak one, and caused all the problems. I am glad she got out. Although she will always be linked to them as they share a child.If we belonged to this sect I wonder what they would thought of us? My money is on “God works in mysterious ways”.

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