The things people search for

Warning! If you are not a fan of Clay Aiken, never heard of said Clay Aiken or not familiar with the internet fandom of Clay Aiken the following post may make little or no sense to you. And this is not meant to be taken seriously. Really. I’m not ready for that padded room even now. I just need to find something fun in the middle of all this!

So I was checking my logs this morning and found that someone found this site by searching for “Clay Aiken ivf baby”. Umm… yes, all those words can be found here, but now I’m a bit confused on what the searcher was looking for. Is Clay Aiken having an IVF baby with someone? Is Clay Aiken an IVF baby himself – naaah, that is too far fetched and I bet I would have heard about it already. Was she (I’m pretty sure it must have been a she) looking for information on how to have IVF babies with Clay Aiken? Mmmm, that is a thought that really needs more exploring!

How would one get Clay Aiken to be the man in the small room with the cup? And I wouldn’t mind assisting, being as helpful as I am. And remember that your sperm should not be older than seven days. I could provide help with that, too. Well, even just getting a frozen sample in the mail would be OK. But then he would have to be lured to give that sample somehow. Maybe he as donated somewhere already and that is what she was really looking for? But it would be really impossible to find it out.

Do you think DH would notice? Maybe his sperm really is so bad that a sperm donor would be an answer to our problems? We do keep getting a high number of abnormal embies. It might be worth a try… Something new to think about (or not). Hey, maybe I could get pg with twins! That would really be something. Actually having Clay Aikens twins! A girl can dream, can’t I? And I’m not even one of the more …. um…. enthusiastic fans.

Clack should be illegal or at least you should need a prescription to get it. It works so well. I have been really down these last few days after BFN, but it’s slowly going away by consuming clack. And I do have plenty of it! My poor hard drive. I’ve been burning some of the older ones to CD, but now I’ve run out of blanks. Need to go and buy more. See, I told you it’s addictive. But who cares. If it’s what I need now to get out this pit, that’s what I’ll take.


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