Just another day

OK, so the offending post has disappeared from the blogosphere. I was really upset yesterday when I found it, as you can clearly see from my previous post.

And yet another day has passed after my BFN. Those sensitive HPTs arrived in the mail yesterday so I used one this morning. Not that I had any hope of it being positive after that much blood and huge clots, but so I could say I took one if the nurse asks me when I call for my next steps. I think I like this brand, as it’s a strip so you can see it really clearly. Well, at least you can see one line really clearly, don’t know about two lines. I’m still sad, but I’m somehow hanging in there. I will make the call one of these days, but not today.

So I’ve done some more research in the internet on why I keep having BFN cycles. It might not be the best source, but as I’m not getting any testing done here I’ll have to manage any way I can. I’m beginning to think I have a clotting problem. Yes, I have been taking low dose aspirin, but now it seems I might be lacking in folic acid. Why that might be the difference! Gimme my bag of peanuts, now! And I’ll have to buy folic acid. I clearly remember now that I used to snack on peanuts and took the supplement when I got pg. Not that it probably had anything to do with it, but you all know how it works in your brain. And it won’t hurt to try, does it?

Wanna talk about personality types for a while? I’m pretty sure I am an INTJ. Or then again I sometimes test INTP. Well the INT part is consistent, but it somehow depends on my mood or something if I test J or P. Don’t know what I’m talking about and want to test yourself? Go here. What makes me think I am a J is the part that says “When under a great deal of stress, the INTJ may become obsessed with mindless repetitive, Sensate activities”. Well, yeah, that’s what I do. Luckily it is not over-drinking as the site suggests, but usually something involving a computer. This time I dug out a computer game I’ve had for some time and started playing. There is something gratifying in hacking monsters to pieces. Wait, not really, it’s somewhat fun but I love the exploring and finding things. But a difficult dungeon was really what I needed on Saturday. Finding what I came for and kicking some monster ass at the same time. I could never play a first person shooter kind of games, but RPGs and adventures are fun.


One response to “Just another day

  1. I was looking for the offensive comment you mentioned ’cause I was just itching to rip into the asshat who wrote it but alas, it was gone! Good riddance I say. Sorry that this cycle was a negative. Maybe there’s something to the clotting theory. Besides, folic acid and peanuts never hurt anyone, right? Keep hanging in there….

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