Analyzing Symptoms

This posts has TMI – you have been warned!

Yes, I’m now analyzing everything I feel as a possible symptom of being pg. I always promise myself I would not be doing this, but fail miserably. Then I can’t remember if I had this or this symptom the last time I had a BFN. I seem to have very selective memory! So I’m listing everything for future reference so I can compare my notes from this cycle to any upcoming cycles. Damn, I should have thought about this blogging thing a long time ago. I would have lots of material by now.

So I’m cramping. A lot. Well, you could say most of the time. I can’t remember cramping this much on previous cycles. But it doesn’t mean I did not, just that I can’t remember it. And my pee has turned yellow. I mean really yellow, like if you take too much vitamin B something. And it has a funny smell. Or something down there has. Not really a bad one, but one I normally would not have. Can progesterone cause this? It seems pretty odorless for me when I put it in.

And the emotional side is bad as well. I cry at the drop of hat. I snap if anyone dares to say something I do not like. Poor DH and DS. Yeah, so much for that calming effect… Progesterone makes me a raving lunatic!


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