Yet Another Day Gone

Today my head seemed to be a bit more straight, so maybe I’ll just hold my application for that padded room. The bloating is coming and going, sometimes it gets really bad and sometimes I can hardly notice it. But I did not try any real pants on today, and I’m afraid I can’t find a pair in my closet that fits. Unless I dig out maternity pants. And there is no way I’m wearing those just yet, it just might jinx it. Call me whatever you want, but I’ll rather suffer from way too small pants than put those on.

Luckily I’m not really thin (ha! a big surprise after all the IVFs) so I can get pretty bloated before nobody notices. To me it looks like I’m halfway pg already. Well, maybe not, but pretty big anyway. I did call the doc, but they did not seem concerned. So I’m not as long as I pee and don’t get in any serious pain. I can feel some pain every now and then, or more like cramps. If I did not not know that AF is not due for almost a week I’d suspect she’s right around the corner, as this is just how it feels in my back.

And the cravings are here. Gingerbread, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate and just food. But I can’t eat much, as I get badly bloated if I do eat a lot. And the radar nose is coming back.

And all this is just due to the progesterone. Nothing of this can be used as a proof that I am or am not pg right now. So I just have to wait. And it still sucks big time.


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