Somebody Please Stop Me

Just tell me one good reason why I should not get drunk right now! I’m so sure there is absolutely nothing in there still growing. See, I almost made it one week into the 2ww without flipping. And there is no beta for me. Just the damn sticks. That I could not turn positive even 5 days after trigger shot. Why do I have to suffer another week of this torture? Why does anyone have to suffer through this? Why can’t they develop a test that is so sensitive that it can detect pg right after implantation? Or why can’t they invent a drug that would allow us to sleep through 2ww and wake up for the results? Why?

So I’m climbing the walls already. AF will most certainly be here a week from now. Monday is not a good drinking day. And it means that my next cycle will be next year as I have to get two AFs before I can start again. Well it doesn’t matter as long as they give me the prescription this year as I can get them for free as my yearly limit has gone over. It sometimes pays to live in a country where everyone has insurance!

Just somebody knock me out for the rest of this 2ww. I can’t take it! They are coming to take me away, ha haa…


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