2WW, Here I Come!

Ah well, the on to the 2WW. This is the part where I’m starting to lose my mind. Analysing every little thing I feel as a possible sign of actually being pg. Damn Hope, I told you already several times that you have no place in my car for this ride! But it is getting harder and harder to keep her away.

I’ve been cramping a lot. And whatever is in there it has really sharp teeth! And it bit me last night. My ovary seems to have calmed down, maybe it just needed the antibiotics or maybe it just needed time after what they did to it in retrieval. It was a good thing I was so drugged at that point that I could not feel a thing. Oh yes, I was awake and I didn’t even get anything to make me forget. I remember it all. But I had an IV in my hand and I was lifting it up from time to time and requesting for more meds.

And now I have to start guessing if I’m bloated just because of the progesterone or am I getting hyperstimulation. Oh yay! Does anybody know if I could just rent an u/s machine somewhere to check my ovaries? I really do not want to go to the clinic if I’m not 100% sure I’m having hyperstim. But how do you know for sure why you are bloated????


One response to “2WW, Here I Come!

  1. It wasn’t teeth! It was a little pickaxe. One of those little embryos was digging in, the Lady Hope told me so, she wouldn’t lie would she?Would she? In all seriousness, I sure hope it was. Sorry your all bloated, but at least while your bloated you can see what you would look like pregnant, eh? eh? no? ok.. I’ll just shut up now.~Sanorah

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