Well, there was one. I’m now having two then four celled not too bad embies inside me. And just as I guessed, the rest were no good. So once again nothing to freeze. And all I can think is how I’ll have to do it everything all over again the next time. And don’t tell me there won’t be one, as I’ve said Hope has no place in my car for this ride! It has been hard to keep her out, but why would this time be any different from the previous 6 transfers. I know I’m going to be analyzing every symptom for the next two weeks.

Again this won’t be long, as sitting is still not my favorite hobby. I got two more days of sick leave and a course of antibiotics when I complained about the pain. It’s going away, but I’ll keep mostly off my feet for a few more days.

Yeah, and today I wanted to see how this brand of HPT looks like when positive. Don’t laugh, I’ve heard I’m not the first one to do this. But guess what? I can’t turn a damn HPT positive even 5 days after my trigger shot!! This brand must be really insensitive. But I have no way of knowing if there are better ones available, as the brand names are not the same as in the US, and all the lists I could find online are about US brands. So I’m stuck with these that can not detect a trigger shot five days later… What did they give me, a syringe full of water???


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