Please Let It Be Tomorrow Soon!

So I triggered last night. Retrieval is 9:15 a.m. tomorrow. Which is not a minute too soon! Somehow you always forget how bad this last day before retrieval really is. So this is not going to be a long entry, as sitting is really uncomfortable now. So is standing, but it is more tolerable. Ugh! Just empty those follies already.

So I’m on the couch. Trying to get as much water down as I can. It has helped a lot, but it does not take it all away. At least it does not hurt when I pee. And given the amounts I drink I pee a lot! I’m trying to keep hyperstim away long enough to get to transfer. If there even is a transfer. There are so many uncertainties in this game that you never know. I’ll know more tomorrow after retrieval. Then I’ll know some more Tuesday when I get fertilization numbers. But on Wednesday I’ll know if there even is a transfer for me this time. Knock on wood.


One response to “Please Let It Be Tomorrow Soon!

  1. Everything is going to work out wonderfully, I just know it!(ack.. sorry that evil woman HOPE just channeled through me.)But really, I do wish you the very best.One question for you, what mm were your largest follicles when you were asked to trigger?

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