Second Follie Check

I’m just dropping in to give the results you all have (not) been waiting for! And it seems that Sanorah’s pep talk to my ovaries worked – well, at least my right ovary heard it. The follies on that side could not be counted, the doc said at least 13 but could be more. Left side is still not coming along, still just 3 good sized follies on that side. Well that sure explains why my right side has been quite sore for some time now. Ouch! Not that I expected to feel great at this point. Things always seem to slow down a lot and all you can think of is the big retrieval day. And lying on the couch watching something preferably totally mindless.

Last stim shot was tonight, trigger tomorrow and ret on Monday. Damn Hope is trying to board the ride with me, but I’m not going to let her in. Lots of follies does not equal lots of eggs. Lots of eggs does not equal lots of fertilized eggs. Lots of fertilized eggs does not mean lots of good quality embies. And finally even lots of good quality embies does not equal a positive result.


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