I Saw Jani Again

If you have read this entry you know I’ve been in a concert last Sunday. It was fun, AF was not yet there and I didn’t even have a bad headache. Sitting in the front row was kinda weird, though. I’m used to hiding behind other people’s back in situations like this, but now there was no-one between me and the stage. I just want to see, not be seen. You know, that man playing the guitar is a human being, he can see you, too. Which I got confirmation on when I stood on the line for his autograph, yes he had seen me, he told me so. Well, not that I’m so noticeable, but being right in front of him for an hour and a half, how could he not have? It makes me somewhat uncomfortable, I really like being anonymous.

And I need to take lessons on taking photographs or something. I’m not friends with my digital camera! See for yourself. Maybe I should buy a better one, but it costs money. And when I’m throwing so much of my income to IVF already, I can’t justify buying a better one. Maybe I just need practise. Yeah. That must be it. More practise.


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