I'm Stimming!

One shot of Gonal F gone, several to go. I went for my suppression check yesterday and got the permission to start my meds. Everything looked the same as it did on the last cycle. So I’m not expecting to see any great results, either. That cycle was not a great success, so I’m not really looking forward repeating it. Lining was 2.9 mm and there were about 10 small follies on each ovary. So now I’m supposed to take 150 IU every evening and go back on Tuesday. Oh come on, follies, let’s start growing nice and easy. Nobody is to be left behind! And absolutely nobody of you may start to dominate or I will get really, really angry at you.

I seem to remember that my headache went away as soon as I started stims, but it has actually been worse today. I’m still hoping today’s shot will make it go away. And did I tell you already that I absolutely love this new pen thingy? It is soooo easy to use and the needles are really tiny. Last time I was using Gonal F multidose, and those needles are really big compared to these. And they get dull when you draw the med from the bottle. I could not feel the needle at all. Nothing. If I wasn’t looking at it I would have thought I missed it!


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