Oh AF, Where Are You?

No sign of her yet. If I don’t see her today, my cycle gets pushed back. I’m not actually sure if I’m happy or pissed. Happy – then the first exam I’m going to take is not the same week as retrieval and I can get those bags sorted out before I’m too scared to lift things. Believe me, there is lots of lifting and carrying involved! At least no other excercise in not necessary. Pissed – well, I’m all set to go and being on suppression meds for another week – do I need to say more.

We’ll see. It’s not really my decision anyway. I’m cramping mildly already, so she is on her way. Maybe I’ll just go to the bathroom to check again. I’m drinking lots of water so I do have to go pretty often. What?


Update: She is here. So it looks like I get to start stims on Wednesday.


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