The Itch

No notciable symptoms yet. Other than an itching nose. I seem to think the other stuff did not make my nose itch like this! I really, truly hope I’m not allergic to this med. I have to read the package slip again to see if this is how it’s supposed to feel. I’m afraid I’m sneezing it all out or something, but I can’t help it. And it still tastes bad.

I should really be making slides for a course I’m supposed to give in October. I mean, just in case I get hyperstimmed again and end up on the couch for weeks. So I would have these slides ready and could give the presentation anyway. You have to be prepared, you never know what happens in this game.

What I should really do is forget the slides, because if I’m prepared for hyperstim, I won’t get it. What, you say, you do not actually want hyperstim, do you? Yes, I do. It’s how my body reacts to HCG. Not the trigger shot, it’s not enough to cause me to hyperstim, but if I’m actually lucky and get pg, then I’ll most likely get it. OK, that settles it. Screw the slides. I’ll just keep on reading blogs and boards.


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