On Projects

Babies and DS ment

I know having diversions when cycling is good, but this is getting ridiculous… I’ve been taking on too many projects, and now I’m not sure how I’ll manage! The first project really started now, as I’m the responsible for collecting baby bags in my town (site in Finnish). Today I got five bags, which I think is a good start. I have to go through them to check that they fulfil the minimum requirements. For those of you who can’t understand Finnish and read the site here’s the list:

– 3 baby indoor outfits (0-9 months size)
– One outdoor outfit
– Towel or sheet or reusable diapers
– Soap or cream for the baby
– Toy suitable for kids under 3

Yeah. So it’s a good thing I’m doing this now instead of just after another BFN. Going through all that baby stuff would kill me! If it had looked like this collection would be at a time when I’m in the 2ww or just after that, I would have let it pass. But this is just who I am, I can’t just take, I have to give something. These baby bags will be sent to moms that have nothing. Maybe it’s not much, but I’m hoping I make a difference, however small that might be. I know I could never have joined this organization if I did not have DS, it would just be too painful. But seeing him grow up has opened my heart to other kids, too. Before I got him I could not care less!

The next thing is that I’m going to start studying again. I swore that I would never, ever take another exam again when I got my degree, but things change. But because I did not think I’ll start studying again I now have to convince them to take me in again, as my grades are not good enough. In practise this means that I have to pass four courses this fall with good grades to get in. Which is far from easy as I work full time and have DS. I must be out of my mind even thinking about this!! The first exam will be on the same week as my retrieval if everything goes as planned. How am I going to read enough for it is still a mystery.

And that’s still not all of it, I got a call sometime ago asking me if I’m interested becoming a candidate in the next communal election. And I’m always been so bad in saying no. I should really practise it a lot more often! So I said yes. But I think my odds of being elected are close to zero, which is why I said yes. But nothing is certain, so who knows! I’m not really that much into politics, but as you can see already I do want to make a difference. This would be an opportunity to do so!

Sounds like a busy fall for me. Not too much free time to think about the cycle. Oh, who am I kidding: I’ll just be neglecting everything else and spending all day looking for symptoms of implantation. Which, of course, I can not find and panic. Then I’ll remind myself that it does not mean anything. I’ve been there, done that so many times. But why does that not keep me from taking on all these projects even when I know I can’t do it??


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