Here I Go Again

I’ve started this blog to talk myself through my upcoming IVF. It’s not like I’m new to this, more like I know it all too well already.

I’m supposed to start sniffing Synarela on 12th September. I’m so not looking forward to those headaches and hot flashes. I hate them. But I’m glad it’s Synarela this time, the drug I used last time had to be sniffed four times a day. Yes, four. The first time I had to take it I would set my alarm clock to wake me up at inhuman hours, but later I would not bother to do that.

We’ll see how this goes. Usually everything starts out just fine but things start to get worse every time I see the doc. Usually I’m well suppressed and have lots of promising follies. The next time I have fewer follies, but still a good amount. Then at retrieval the amount of actual eggs retrieved is about half of the amount of follies in the last scan. Then lose a few that do not fertilize. Come back for the transfer to hear that all but one or two follies did not make it.

Yeah. So I’m really looking forward to this, as you can see!


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